Maja Bach, förra säsongens MVP, förnyar kontraktet!


Maja Tholstrup Bach joined our club last year and the former Danish national team setter quickly became an important piece of the top team.

Maja has a very high level of discipline and she is always in practice and always doing her lifting, and that helps motivate the players around her. She also found her role on the team very quickly, and her wish to always play and always win has helped us build the elite culture around the team that we see today.

There is still a lot of room for development for Maja, and her moving to sweden to live and study will now give her better options for extra training and more development.

We asked Maja a few questions after she signed:

– You have just signed a new deal with LundsVK. What made you commit to the club?
“We have had an amazing season where we have really evolved as a team – largely due to the fact that the club has been super supportive of us. Getting the chance to represent Lunds VK in the elite is a great opportunity that I wouldn’t wanna miss! It is great to be in a club that really works hard for the team and appreciates the work that we put in every week. We have had so many good times on the team this last season, both on the court and outside, and it’s gonna be exciting to be a part of the new challenges that we’ll face next season.”

– What are your expectations for the team this coming season?
“I expect us to go into every single game and practice with the attitude that we wanna win! This last season we didn’t face that much opposition, so maintaining that attitude wasn’t too hard. Next season will of course be completely different, but we if we play every ball believing that we can win it, I’m sure that we can put pressure on any team. It’s not gonna be easy to do so, but if we continue the hard work from this season and play with a winning attitude, I expect us to become a team that can annoy any other team in the league.”

– Do you have a personal goal that you want to achieve in Lund?
“I would love to continue the development that I feel I’ve been going through this season. I wanna be more of a leader on the team, and be someone that the rest of the team can rely on to aways do the very best I can. I believe that the whole setup around the team in Lund will allow me to develop both mentally and physically as a player, and thereby get to where I wanna be.”

[fleximage caption=’Sportchef Linus Oscarsson and Maja Bach’]Maja Bach[/fleximage]