Evelina Brink är tillbaka i Lunds VK!


We are proud to announce our next player to sign on for the next season. Evelina Brink has agreed to a two year contract with the club. Evelina only recently came back from one year in Germany where she trained as a professional volleyball player, and we are very excited that she has chosen to come back to our club again.

She is bringing a strong level of competition to the team, and she is the perfect player to fill the open setter spot after Matea switched to libero. With her experience and winner mentality we expect Evelina to compete hard for the starting position in Lund this season.

We asked Evelina a few questions after she signed on.

– You have just signed a new deal with Lunds VK. What made you commit to the club?
“I’m really happy to be back in Lunds VK again. I think it’s a great club with a lot of good people. The team has really developed this season and the fact that they qualified for the Elite made me excited about being a part of the team.”

– You are coming back after 1 year in Germany, what will be the differences this coming season compared to last time you played in Lund?
“It was a great experience playing abroad in Germany with volleyball as my only focus. The biggest difference this coming season from when I last played in Lund will be the level at practices and games. Everyone is putting in more effort and time now and the intensity at practices is a lot higher. I hope we can perform good as newcomers in the league and really take our game to the next level.”

– Do you have a personal goal that you want to achieve in Lund?
“My goal is to develope as much as possible as a player and to get playtime at this level. I have played the Elite league one year before but now I strive to get more time on the court. I also look forward to expand my setterskills with a new coach.”

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