Lunds VK värvar amerikansk spiker

Sportkommittén har glädjen att meddela att Lunds VK damelit har gjort klart med en historisk transatlantisk förstärkning inför elitsäsongen 2018-19. Allie Davenport från Georgia, USA, är en bollsäker spiker som kommer att göra ett stort avtryck i laget och klubben.
– Jag är supertaggad inför detta nya kapitel i mitt liv! Ända sedan jag var liten har jag drömt om att spela professionellt, kommenterar Allie Davenport.

Damelittruppen börjar nu ta form ordentligt med närmare 12 klara spelare och med Allie får laget ett balanserat och varierat anfallssystem.
– Vi är mycket nöjda med att ha värvat Allie, säger klubbchef Stefan Sjöström. Allie kommer att vara en mycket viktig spelare för oss både på och utanför planen. Hon har en härlig allt-är-möjligt inställning till sporten, stor passion, vill ta stort ansvar och är precis den spelaren vi letat efter till truppen, avslutar Sjöström.

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Så här går Allies tankar inför den stundande proffsdebuten:

You have just signed a contract to play for Lunds Volleyball Club the 2018-19 season. Congratulations! What are your thoughts going in to this new endeavor?
I am so excited for this new chapter in my life!! Playing professional volleyball is something I have dreamed about since I was a little girl. I am so grateful to Lunds VK for giving me this opportunity to keep playing volleyball, and am extremely excited to see all the things we accomplish this upcoming season!

What made you choose to come to Lund?
Well, after having a conversation with the coaches, it just seemed like the right fit. The coaches described the role they saw me potentially filling on the team, and it sounded like exactly what I have been doing my entire career, and the role I was looking for in the next team I was going to play for. I was also really interested in the fact that the coaches described the team as very much a family. Hearing that was reassuring to me, as I will be so far from home and will definitely need a family away from home! It is also my experience that teams who are close off the court work much better together on the court!

Tell us a bit about yourself – what is your volleyball background?
I have been playing volleyball since I was 10 years old, and even before I started to play I spent a few years watching my older sister play as well. In Georgia, where I’m from, there weren’t any teams for ten year olds to play on, so I had to play with 13 year olds for two years before I was finally able to play with girls my age. I think that playing with older girls was really good for me. It pushed me at a young age to rise to level around me, and to keep pushing myself to be the best I could be. Throughout my years playing volleyball I have played every single position. However, when I was 13 my coaches told me I would be a great outside, so that’s what I have played ever since! Throughout the various teams I’ve played on, I’ve won two state championships in high school, a National championship in club volleyball, and a conference championship in college. I think that’s something I bring to the table with my volleyball experience. I have been part of several winning programs, and so I know what it takes to win. That is something I hope to bring to Lunds VK! After college I played a year in Uni at the University of East London in the UK, and had a great experience there as well. It’s amazing to me all the places volleyball has brought me, and all the wonderful people and experiences I’ve encountered from this sport that means so much to me.

How would you describe yourself as a player using three words?
Passionate, hard-working, vocal

What do you expect to contribute to the team and to the club in general?
I hope to contribute to the team in every way they need me to, and more! I think for Lunds VK, I can be a high scoring outside hitter, and someone they can rely on in tough situations. I also bring a solid first contact to our team through serve receive and defense, so that we are able to run a more balanced offense. Additionally, I think I can score points from the service line… I have a pretty nasty jump float. Outside of volleyball skills, I think I can bring a lot of energy to our gym. I described myself as a vocal player, and I meant that. I’m loud and energetic, and always talking to my teammates about the play, whether I’m on or off the court. To the club, I hope to be involved in some coaching of the younger girls. I think getting the opportunity to give back to the people who support you and who maybe want to be where you are one day is a special thing, and something I think is very important. I understand that if I hadn’t had older girls who I idolized teaching me and helping me grow as a player when I was younger, I probably wouldn’t be coming to play at Lund today!

Any final message to the team, club and fans before arriving in Lund?
My final message to the club and to the fans is simple: thank you. Thank you for this opportunity, thank you for welcoming me into your home, and thank you for allowing me to keep playing the sport that I love so much! I will work hard for my teammates and coaches so that we can have a great season, and give the fans a good show!! I’m so excited!!

Allie Davenport
Ålder: 23
Längd: 1,81m
Position: Spiker
Spikehopp: 3,12m
Tidigare klubbar: A5 volleyball Club, Atlanta (USA), University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (USA), University of East London (ENG), Mallory Eagles Volleyball Club (ENG).

Elitserien volleyboll

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