Tränare sökes till ny Motionsgrupp för nybörjare

Lunds VK is now looking for one or several skilled volleyball players that would like to take the role as trainer(s) for a new Recreational Team for beginners.

Like every successful show we like to create a spin-off. The Mixed Recreational team has now close to 40 players and all new entries to the group this season have had some level of knowledge of volleyball. This means we no longer have the room to take in those that are new to the game but are interested in playing this sport we already know is so much fun.

The Mixed Recreational Team has a waiting list of approx. 10 potential players (and hopefully soon a few more) that never have played before but are very keen in doing so. What the group needs is trainers that are good at teaching the basic rules and skills. Training will be 1-2 evenings per week, depending on gym accesibility.

If you would like to become part of this unique project please contact Harjan Pook coordinator for Recreational volleball at Lunds VK at Lunds VK trainer compensation is applied.

/Harjan Pook

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