Seger i seriefinalen för herrar A!

Herr A wins an amazing win on the road to take the lead in the series. Against number 1 seed from Vindrarp, on the road and with about 130 people cheering against us, our top men’s team silenced the crowd with a phenomenal performance in a 1-3 (16-25, 27-25, 22-25, 24-26) road win.

[fleximage caption=’Patrik Bertilsson and Martin Bergman blocking’]b10[/fleximage]

In a match that has been long anticipated by both teams, Lunds VK proved to be the stronger side with more options on offense, and the small margins in the end of each set. This is the two best teams in the league and both sides played at a high level with high tempo and a lot more points than errors.

After the first set where we took an early lead and held on all the way, then following 3 sets were neck and neck with changing leads several times. Critical for us was that we managed to get our blocking adjusted during the game leading us to 16 kill blocks in the match. We also saw the benefit of having several options on offense at the end of the sets, where it seemed like Vindrarp had a harder time finding plan B and C.

All in all we took a big win on the road with high level performance, and we played the way we wanted to play. Match MVP was 17 year old August Borna after an incredible performance with 16 points including 3 block kills and very high level in serve-receive. This young guy is someone to keep an eye on. Topscorer, however, was team captain Jonathan Karlsson with 21 points (5 kill blocks), and Lund had a 3rd hitter getting double digits with Patrik Bertilsson 16 points.

We now lead the league and plan on staying fully focused on the coming matches.

Thank you to Vindrarp for a great setup, and congrats to the guys with a fantastic win.


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Matchen spelare:
Vindrarp: Rasmus Collin
Lund: August Borna

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