Säsongens första förlust för Damer A i Halmstad

Sunday afternoon in Halmstad Damer A lost their first match of the season 3-2 (25-23, 18-25, 25-18, 14-25, 15-13) against a hard fighting team from Hylte/Halmstad.

We never really came out ready to play, and today we got punished for it. Hylte played very disciplined and to their own strengths and even though we found some momentum at the end of the 1st set we still lost 25-23 and that set the tone for the rest of the match. Everytime it was close Hylte went for it while we played safe trying to avoid mistakes… Fortune favors the bold as they say!

[fleximage caption=’Setter Maja Bach, MVP against Hylte/Halmstad’]Maja Bach[/fleximage]

We deserved to lose today after a very poor performance where mental mistakes and lack of technical abilities overshadowed the few bright spots on the day. Tove Kauppi played very well today, and MVP went to Maja Bach who had to fight hard all day with a shaky serve-receive.

Top scorer was Sarah Hansson with 23 points as the only Lund player in the double digits.

We have to get a quick turnaround with a home game already on Wednesday and we need to find ourselves after a terrible performance today.

Heads up and back to work.. 14-1 is not that bad.

Tabellen division 1 Södra

Next game:

Wednesday 17 Feb
Lund – Svedala B