Ny center till Lunds VK – Stina Lindstam!


We are proud to announce that Stina Lindstam has agreed to join our elite team in Lund.

Stina joins us after a year break from the elite, where she played at her home town. Now she is ready to take on the challenge of playing in the elite again. A challenge she has done before while playing for Gislaved and RIG Falköping.

Stina answered a few questions for us after agreeing terms with the club:

– You have just agreed to a deal with Lunds VK. What made you commit to the club.?
“I chose to sign for Lund because I think the team is a great group, and the coach seems to be talented. It feels like the team has a great future.”

– You already have experience from playing in the elite in Gislaved, what are your expectations for the team’s first elite season here in Lund?
“That everyone are supportive of each other and will fight together – I think that is a must in the elite. Good practices and hard work since that is where the development takes place.”

– Do you have a personal goal that you want to achieve in Lund?
“My personal goal in Lund is to develop as a player and at the same time have a lot of fun during it.”

We welcome Stina to the club and our team, and with this signing we now have a full competitive team, and the girls are already going through their summer program, so we are all ready to get back to practice in August and strive to reach or goals.


[fleximage caption=’Stina Lindstam’]Stina L[/fleximage]