Tidigare RIG-stjärnan Linn Nilsson till Lunds VK!


We are happy to announce that we have struck a deal with Linn Nilsson.

Linn joins us after several years away from volleyball, but she has played elite level with RIG Falköping and after that Katrineholm. The goal is for Linn to bring depth to our libero position and she brings a high level of ballcontrol to our team.

We did a small interview with Linn after she agreed terms with the club:

– You have just agreed to a deal with Lunds VK. What made you commit to the club?
“It feels like a great and committed club which takes care of the players. The practices I have had with the team has felt good, so I am looking forward to get started again.”

– With your elite experience from RIG and Katrineholm in mind, what do you see as the most important things for your new team to succeed this year?
“I think the most important thing is that the teamfeeling is good. It doesn’t matter that there are individual players at a high level, if the team doesn’t work well as a group, so in my opinion that will be the key.”

– Do you have a personal goal that you want to achieve in Lund?
“I will be focusing on developing as a libero mainly, but of course it is my goal to rehab my shoulder injury, so that I in time can play more and hopefully get back to the hitter position.”

With this signing we are now only 1 player away from having the team completed. The last player announcement will come soon as well.

We welcome Linn to our club and we are looking forward to follow her and the rest of the girls as they embark on this journey in the top league.


[fleximage caption=’Linn Nilsson skriver på för Lund’]Linn N[/fleximage]