Lunds VK Herrar B against IK Ymer

(25-20, 19-25, 11-25, 17-25)

On Sunday the 14th of January we played our first game after Christmas (and unfortunately my last game in Lunds VK Herrar B) against IK Ymer. With the previous games against Ymer still in our memory (horrible start, decent recover resulting in a 3-2 loss) we were determined to at least reach our good level of volleyball during this game.

Even though we were not complete during the practices the week before, on Sunday we could start with a complete team. Mikael came back from his kitesurfing adventure (with an awesome tan) and Sven was able to join us as well.

The first set was probably the complete opposite of the first set in our away game against Ymer. In that away game we got completely outplayed by Ymer, but now it was an exciting set with a high level of volleyball. This resulted in a 25-20 win in the first set for Lunds VK Herrar B!

Unfortunately we could not proceed this way in the following sets. During the second, third and fourth set Ymer played well, but most of all very constant. We started to lose more and more points on reception, serves and spikes. So in the end, we fought hard, played some really awesome rallies, but couldn’t win any more sets, 1-3 to Ymer (25-20, 19-25, 11-25, 17-25).

MVP of the game: Tobias Anderson

Tobias played the entire game and did this really decent. Since the beginning of the season we have worked really hard and now it is starting to pay off. Keep it going Tobbe! 🙂

Unfortunately this was the last game for me in Lund before I went back to the Netherlands. Jag vill tacka Herrar B och hela klubben för en riktigt bra tid i Lund!

2-3 LUND!

\Marijn Kalter