Lagkapten Lovisa Bergh skriver på för två nya år!


We are happy to announce that team captain Lovisa Bergh has signed a new 2 year contract with the club.

Headcoach Michael Jensen on the news: “This is huge for us! There was never a chance we wanted to let Lovisa go. She has been a tremendous captain for us this year and a pillar in the club for years now. She is part of the team’s identity, so her staying with us for the elite run will ensure that we can continue being who we are, both as a team and as a club.”

Lovisa lead the team in aces this year and was tied for 1st in points overall along with Sara Hansson who also has extended her contract in Lund.
Lovisa brings elite experience to the team, and she is always competitive both in the lifting room as well as in practice. Leadership through and through.

After signing Lovisa had the following comments:

– You have just signed a new deal with Lunds VK. What made you commit to the club?
I have been commiting to this club since I moved to Lund in 2011. I love how the club works and the width of the organisation. To take the step to Elitserien is big, but I think our team can handle it. The combination of a great club and even greater teammates made the decision easy.

– You have been part of Lunds VK for many years now, but this is the first year with them in the top leauge, what atr your expectations for the team this coming season?
We will be underdogs in this years Elite serie and it means that we have nothing to lose. I hope we can be a hard fighting team that will suprise our opponents.

– Do you have a personal goal that you want to achive this season?
Last time I played in Elitserien was in 2010/2011 for Sollentuna VK. Back then I was a middle, this time I changed position to the left side. Unfortunately I have not grown an inch since then, so I will still be a relativly small player, but this time I have more rutine and experience. I will try to be a smart player and most importantly a good teammate. The biggest difference compared to my days as a middle is the serve-receive. I love receiving and I hope I can develop and be ready for all the serves the other Elite teams might bring.

It has been a busy month for our club since the start of try outs, and we are already seeing the build of a strong roster. But there are more news to come soon, so stay tuned!

[fleximage caption=’Lovisa Bergh mot Elitserien!’]Lovisa[/fleximage]