Herrar B is on fire, three victories in a row!

Lunds VK B – Tuve VK 3 – 1 (25-27, 25-17, 25-20, 25-22)

Unfortunately I can’t use the same phrase as in the two previous reports, which means that we didn’t win the game 3-0. However, we still managed to keep all the three points in Lund. So Herrar B is on a winning streak, three victories in a row and now in a comfortable third place in Division 1.

On Saturday the 11th of November we had our third home game of the season against Tuve VK and the opportunity the keep our winning streak alive and to get to the semi-top in Division 1. After a sweet preparation (something with Gustav and honey, sorry for the bad pun…), we were ready to play the game.

The first set was very close. Both teams made some mistakes now and then, but played at a very decent level. Unfortunately we were on the short end and Tuve managed to get the first set 25-27. Determined to keep all the points in Lund, we stepped up our game, minimized our mistakes and won the second set 25-17.

In the third set we kept going in the same direction, resulting in a 25-20 win to Herrar B. The start of the fourth set was ‘riktigt bra’, which resulted in a big lead. However, quite some personal mistakes in a short time were enough to get easily rid of this lead. Fortunately, these were most of the mistakes we made during the set. So in the end we managed to win the final set 25-22, which meant 3-1 for Herrar B!

We played one of our most decent games of the season, with a decent level during the entire game with as little lows as possible. However, as always there are still points to improve, such as not giving away large leads to make the game easier and let everyone play.

To conclude, I want to quote some words of our co-coach Pean (and because I was told to use more Swedish in these texts). He summarized the game during our game debriefing using the following inspiring words: “Bra spelat”

Link to division 1 south:

MVPs of the game: Marijn

A few words from coach Roy Andersson about the game:
“En mycket stabil insats av killarna. Jag var egentligen aldrig riktigt orolig någongång under matchen, inte ens när vi förlorade första set lite snöpligt. Flera spelare gjorde riktigt bra ifrån sig och hade säkert blivit framröstade som MVP under normala omständigheter – MEN denna gång gjorde vår libero Marijn en fantastisk match!!!”

Our next home game is on Saturday the 18th of November at 14:15 in Fäladshallen C against the current leader in Division 1, RIG Falköping B! So if you have nothing to do this Saturday and want to watch high level volleyball in the top of Division 1, I hope to see you in Fäladshallen C!

2-3 LUND!

/Marijn Kalter