Herrar A klättrar mot toppen efter 4:e raka segern

Today Saturday our top men’s team won a clear 3-1 (20-25, 15-25, 27-25, 15-25) match against Warberg.

The loss in the 3rd set came after having a 6 point lead most of the set, but once we hit 20 we started making mistakes all around and our offense got too slow and predictable. 

We got things figured out in the break and came out with the same guys for the 4th set, and the guys responded with a quality performance in sideout, and after a few serving mistakes early in the set we regained focus and closed out the match.

Stats from the game:
22 serving errors and 9 aces
7 kill blocks (5 from Andy)
19 points from August (top scorer)
12 points from Jonathan in 2 sets
14 points from Andy who got match MVP

Tabellen division 1 Södra

Warberg volley

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