Viktor Abelin går in i Elitlagets tränarstab


Viktor Abelin has decided to join our coaching staff as we work towards our first season in Elitserien,

Viktor has been helping a little this season with minor stats, but from now on he will be an active coach in practices as well as being responsible for both stats and video in every game.
Headcoach Michael Jensen had the following comments to the new addition: “Viktor has a very analytical mind and he is great at seeing the small things and ask the right questions, to make me and the players think things through an extra time. He has already been a great contribution to our work during try outs, and I am very excited to have him onboard full time.

We also asked Viktor a few questions about his new role:

– You have just signed a deal with Lunds VK to become assistant coach the coming season. It is your first coaching job, what are you hoping to get out of this first year?
After being a little bit involved this last season I saw this deal as a great opportunity to learn a lot from the experienced coaches and players in the club. Hopefully I will be able to contribute to the growth of this club and this great team.

– Where do you see you biggest contribution to the team this coming season?
I think my main contribution will be in doing statistics and analyzing videos, but also take part in some of the technical aspects in practice.

– Do you have a personal goal that you want to achieve this season as assistant coach?
I want to gain as much experience as possible this first year so that I can contribute as well as I can to the continued evolution of this great club.

We wish Viktor welcome to our elite team!

[fleximage caption=’Sportchef Linus Oscarsson och Viktor Abelin’]Viktor[/fleximage]