Match Report Ystads VK – Lunds VK B 19/11/2016

Stay at the top! Lund’s B-team was about to face Ystad, the team that was placed directly in front of us in the league table. We wanted to stay at the top group of the division, so a win against this theoretically equally strong team was mandatory. Thus, tension was high when we entered the cold Västervånghallen in the south of Sweden.

The match could have not started any better and we showed Ystad that we are the legitimate owner of the third place of the division. With a rock-solid reception, massive blocks and devastating spikes, especially from our left wings, Ystad could not stand a chance in the first set which lead to a consequent 19-25 win for Lund. In the second set, however, Ystad started to defend itself and even had a 12-7 lead in the meantime. Unfortunately for them, Lund did become impressed and turned this backlog into a 23-25 win. The same pattern occurred in the third set as well and this time even with the better end for Ystad (27-25). But this backstroke did not change the fact that there was only one designated winner for this match, and it was called Lund. Consequently, we showed Ystad everything we had practiced and even disabled their best spikers with triple blocks which progressively depressed them. As a result Lund’s Herrar B won the fourth set with an impressive 16-25 lead against an otherwise very strong opponent.

We are thoroughly happy about this win as it saves us the third place for now. The choice of this match’s most valuable player was pretty tough (again), since everyone gave his part to this important victory. Eventually, Christian Svensson was elected. Even, when it got a little bit messy on Lund’s side, he was a save destination for every pass and always showed stable and very often also deadly spikes.

Now we have some weekends off but there is no time for recreation, since our next opponent will be no one else than Lund’s most talented young and old(er) players of the C-team on the 10th of December.


MVP Christian Svensson