Herrar B faced RIG B at home court

17.11.2018 Lunds VK Herrar B vs. RIG Falköping B 1:3

What a game this was! It had everything a great volleyball match should have – awesome team spirit, fantastic performances and amazing fan support. It got us so excited we again realized that times like that are exactly the reason why we play this sport. But let’s start from the beginning.

On a Saturday afternoon, our team of Lunds VK Herrar B was prepared to face another strong opponent in our Fälladshallen, players from the volleyball gymnasium in Falköping. Even during the warm-up, the visiting players showed that they deserve to be among the top of the league with their youthful energy and enthusiasm. However, our team has already shown that we have what it takes to be fighting for the top spots of the Men’s Division 1 South, too. Another exciting and suspenseful game was about to begin.

The first set began with a slight advantage for Falköping who clearly thought this would be a smooth sailing towards victory. But Lund’s players are not to be underestimated! We managed to resist the psychological pressure from the opponent and despite their impressive cheers, we pushed back with good front line defense and hard hits on our own. This resistance and strong offense caught the opponent unprepared and we won the first set with a convincing lead 25:18.

Second set could be the breaking point. Whichever team would win it would have a very strong position to win the whole match. We began energetically, determined to keep the upper hand. The RIG’s players, however, showed that they aren’t trained from young age at a national volleyball institution for nothing. Both teams were locked in a tight game with great serve reception and hits from Lund’s players and formidable back line defense and middle offense from Falköping. In the end, the deciding two points went to RIG, and they won by 23-25.

We seemed to somehow have lost our ground in the third set and we learned the hard way that if you make mistakes or lose focus in a game like this, you get punished. Even though our serving performance was generally good in this game, we missed some important point throughout the game. That and other signs of nervousness cost us the third set with a wide margin to RIG.

After encouraging and well-aimed words from the coaches in the break time, we started the fourth set with an all-in attitude. This really was the time to put every bit of energy into the effort to win. Our team played a stable game but towards the end, some hesitation in serving among other things helped the RIG Falköping B to win the game. We lost to a strong opponent but the overall energy coming not only from the players but also from the numerous fans that lined the sides of the court reassured us that we will keep training hard and will challenge the Falköping in the upcoming replay game in the spring.

The MVP of the game was awarded jointly to Emil, a left wing hitter who proved his versatility with hard hits and powerful serves as well as mature spirit and Klas, our team captain who with his versatile sets and high energy managed to keep the team focused.


Our next game is this Saturday at 14.00 in Fäladshallen C. Come watch us face Göteborg United!


2-3 LUND!


Written by Jan, Herrar B