Derbytime: Lunds VK C vs. Lunds VK B 04/03/2017

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It was time! One match-day before the division 2 ends the two most successful teams of the second leg faced each other. And of course they both come from the same club: Lunds C-team with the youngest talents of southern Sweden and their older equivalents, the B-team. Both teams were separated by only one point and the first match was actually won by the C-team. Thus, the tension in the crowded Fäladshallen was almost touchable when the troops entered. But things changed since the last encounter. The C-team was missing a couple of their best players but also the B-team suffered from sickness in the recent weeks.

Nonetheless, after a balanced beginning it was the B-team taking the command on the court. With steady pressure through float serves the younglings had a lot to cope with in the defense. More important, with an own stable reception the B-team never lost control over the set and consequently won with a comfortable 25-17 lead. With the 3 points in reach, the B-team smelled its chance and shifted gears. Set two and three were characterized by a strong middle block of Mikael Henrikson and Philipp Fischer, who disabled the C-team’s usually very strong center attacks. In addition, the whole team threw itself in each ball, eager to take revenge for the loss in the first leg. And eventually, despite the very good resistance of the C-team, the stably and determined playing B-team never left a doubt that they are the designated aspirant for the league promotion and won the sets with an impressive 25-14 and 25-16 lead, respectively.

Today, probably every player of the Lunds Herrar B reached a new personal level. The MVP choice was extremely close once again with votes going to the amazing outside hitters, liberos and named centers but in the end team-captain Klas Bratteby was elected. Having always been on of the best players in the season he today exceeded his own capacity by given perfect passes from literally every corner of the court.We give all our regards to the great audience and of course to the C-team, which has been a great opponent and an awesome partner in our practices.

After this win and the results of the parallel matches we have finally reached the first place of the league table, however only leading through a better game point quote compared to Malmö. Meeting bottom-placed club Vindrarp C next Sunday in Idrottshallen we have a very good chance to celebrate the promotion here in Lund!


MVP: Klas Bratteby

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Author: Philipp Fischer