Center Linnéa Uddin gör comeback!


We are proud to announce that we have signed a deal with Linnéa Uddin.

Linnéa joins us after a break from volleyball, but before the break she played her volleyball in our club as well.

With Linnea’s experience from having played in the elite prior in her career, we hope to be able to offer the best possible opportunities for our young talents in the club. Linnéa brings a lot of offensive abilities to our team, and already during summer practices she is showing signs of improvement, which inspires everyone on the team.

We asked Linnéa a few questions after she signed:

– You have just signed a new deal with Lunds VK. What made you commit to the club?
When I moved to Skåne (southern sweden) from Halmstad in the fall of 2011, I played for Lunds VK for 2 years. Since then I have had a break from playing, but now I feel the time is right for a comeback, and so of course Lund was my first choice.  This club has a lot of heart and I feel all players, coaches and board members the right drive, which will give me the support I’m looking for. It’s simply a professional club working hard without losing that “sense of family”.

– You join a team that’s new to the elite, and you have played some elite yourself earlier in your career, what are your expectations for the team this coming season?
My expectations of the team is that we try our hardest. Give everything all the time. Should we lose a game but played with heart and mind, I don’t think it I would consider that a bad loss for us. I expect a high level of commitment from everyone and that we all put the team first and individual agendas second, and that we understand and accept that things might not always work as we hoped they would.
I hope to contribute with positive energy and mental strength for a lot of these young girls on the team.

We will face teams which on paper will look better than us, and I hope to contribute with my experience especially in these situations.
My expectations are realistic and very positive. Our team consists of both young talent and more experienced players, so I feel confident that we will win games this season even though it’s our first in the top league, but it will take hard work and great team spirit.

– Do you have a personal goal that you want to achieve in Lund?
After a physical illness in the winter of 2012 which lead to surgery, I felt I needed a break from both volleyball and my studies, and since then I have worked very hard to come back physically but first and foremost mentally.

Now I feel strong and ready to play again at this level, and I’m willing to do what it takes, so my biggest personal goal is to continue having the right balance in my life combining volleyball with job/school and my private life. I want to stay true to myself as that is the key to success in most things.

[fleximage caption=’Linnéa Uddin with team captain Lovisa Bergh’]Linnéa[/fleximage]