Welcome to Lundamixen 2024 Saturday 20 April

A warm welcome to all of the teams signed up to Lundamixen 2024 – a brand new record of 24 teams! This will be the fourth annual Lundamixen and here is some important information for all of the participating teams.

A total of 24 teams have registered! We have access to the gym at 08.00 (Bollhuset A and Idrottshallen). Team leader meetings at 08.30 in entrance (Bollhuset) and the cafeteria (Idrottshallen). First serve at 09.00.

Find Idrottshallen and Bollhuset A
Idrottshallen is situated in the outside of the city park in Lund (address: Högevallsgatan 1). If you are driving then parking is available at Arena Park, behind Högevallsbadet/Idrottshallen (approx 200m from Idrottshallen).

Bollhuset A is situated right next to Polhemskolan, only a short walk from Idrottshallen (address: Fasanvägen 2). If you are driving parking is available at Parkeringshus Svane, only a few minutes walk from Bollhuset.

Tournament schedule
Here is the preliminary tournament schedule: https://www.profixio.com/app/lundamixen-2024/category/1147492

NB! The A-playoffs will be played in Idrottshallen and the B-playoffs in Bollhuset A. Some teams will have to transfer to Idrottshallen from Bollhuset and vice versa between the end of the pool play and the start of the playoffs.


  • first serve @09.00
  • co-ed teams
  • minimum 5 players on the court (if you are more than 6 players you rotate in a new player at the serve, you always rotate in, cannot skip one or two rounds, unless someone is resting for the entire set)
  • max 3 guys on the court at any point
  • players cannot take part if under the age of 35 and playing in division 1 or, regardless of age, play in the elite division
  • libero is ok if the team has 7 or more players
  • best of 2 games in the pool play (25, 25, starting from 0-0 – win by two points)
  • best of 3 games in the playoffs (25, 25, 15 starting from 8-8 – win by two points)
  • net height at 2,35m
  • teams ref each other
  • 5 minute warm-up at the net before each team’s first match
  • no stepping over the serving line
  • volleyballs are supplied by Lunds VK
  • Have fun and be kind to each other!

There will be a cafeteria in Idrottshallen with hotdogs, coffee/soft drinks and sweets etc. open during the tournament.

Everyone needs to bring their own whistle. We will also provide handheld whistles at each court for the day.

If you have any questions that are not answered here don’t hesitate to send us an email. We hope for a great day and tournament on Saturday!

Welcome to Idrottshallen and Bollhuset this Saturday!