Lunds VK B – Trollhättans VK 3-0 (25-18, 25-22, 25-14)
Herrar B gets their first official win in division 1. Or as we would say in the Netherlands, ‘geen gelul, 3-0’ (‘no nonsense, 3-0 performance!’).
After a quite disappointing 3-2 loss last week against Ymer, the men from Herrar B were determined to get their first win in division 1 against Trollhättans VK in their second home game. Small summary of the preparation: proper practices with too few passare, satisfying sauna sessions and a team full of divine and determined dudes.
On Saturday we gathered at Fäladshallen ready for a wonderful game. After a rough start in the beginning of first set, we had to fight our way back. Which we did in a great way and so the first set would go down in history as 25-18.
Next set we kept our play at a consistent level, proper serves at the right targets, decent reception and some powerful spikes. Again, 25-22 in the favor of Herrar B.
In the final set (with our last game still fresh in our memory), we knew how hard it could be to win the 3rd set after winning the first two sets, we were determined to play the minimal amount of sets needed to get our first victory.
And so it happened, 25-14 and the so it came to pass that Herrar B had their first victory in division 1! Honorable mention to Tony, who made his debut in division 1, and to Roy, who made an impactful entrance in the end of the last set.
MVP of the game: Ali Babayan
Ali was the most consistent player of the game. Varying from great receptions to strong diagonal spikes and smart tips, he showed everything a good left wing should be capable of!
A few words from coach Roy Andersson about the game:
Dagens match var verkligen tredje-gången-gillt för oss och en välförtjänt seger. Jag saknar fortfarande de riktiga topparna i spelet, men laget fortsätter att hålla en hög lägstanivå vilket är en viktig styrka. Hela laget ska dessutom ha beröm för att de följde vår gameplan med hur och var vi skulle serva genom hela matchen.”
We hope to see you all at our next home game on Saturday the 11th of November at 14:15 in Fäladshallen C!
2-3 LUND!
/Marijn Kalter