Damer A vinner helgens första match av två med 3-1

A 3-1 (16-25, 25-9, 25-19, 25-13) win at home in this weekend’s first match of two.

The game started off very poorly with unbalanced expectations and a lot of errors. We quickly dropped down by 3 points and 5 points and before long the game was out of reach. During the set we tried different substitutions, but nothing helped.

After some serious talks before the 2nd set and a few tactical changes putting Anna Westerlund form middle to rightside helped with our ability to score points.

The rest of the game we played closer to our level and Veddige didn’t manage to push us, but they did punish us for our lack of defensive movement, and that is something we need to improve.

We also still need to improve our serve-receive but we know it’s a long process and we are very focused on it already.

3 girls scored double digits, Lovisa Bergh(10 points), Sara Hansson(13points), and game MVP Anna Westerlund (16 points).

Next and final match of the season is tomorrow where we play at home at 14.00 against Falköpings VK!

Tabell division 1 Södra

[fleximage caption=’Game MVP Anna Westerlund’]Anna[/fleximage]