Another win for Herrar B!

Engelholm – Lunds VK Herrar B


The second weekend of the season saw the first away game for the Lunds VK Herrar B team. We were to meet Engelholm VS, last year’s champions, on their home court. The stakes were high, however both teams changed their lineup since the last season and we were ready for the challenge.

After the usual warm-up, our players stood against the players of Engelholm and the first set began. Our opponent had a respect-earning offence, especially from the left but we were able to block or dig their hits effectively and counter with our own sharp attacks. At times, the opponent was able to put us under pressure at serve reception but our setters still managed to open good attack situations.

Despite our unstable serving performance, which ails us since the beginning of this season, we managed to gain a convincing gain and finished the first set victoriously. The strength of the opponent came through fully in the second set when due to our faulty serves and somewhat hesitant offence we were unable to keep up with Engelholm. Their hits overcame our defense at the net and in the back line and secured them a spirit-lifting victory in the second set.

At this point it began to look like a very suspenseful game was ahead of us. Our optimism could be easily overpowered, but yet again we proved our strength as a team where every player works hard for the success of all. We picked up our strength and began gaining over Engelholm point by point. After some changes in the line-up toward the end of the set, the opponent had a brief advantage but we managed to come back and won the third set with a tight margin.

Then it was all about the fourth set. Either a third victory in a row and our first triumph at an away game this season or a risk of losing the game in a tiebreaker. In a nerve wrecking finale and with the help of the nerves of steel of our servers, we eventually won in a dramatic ending 25:27. We again proved that Lunds VK Herrar B is a force to be reckoned with this season in the Southern Division 1! On our way back from Ängelholm’s gym, we all enjoyed a well-deserved burger feast.

The MVP of the game was awarded to Kevin, right-wing hitter whose reliable hits even from difficult sets and crushing serves contributed notably to our third victory.

//Written by Jan