Another win for the B-team!

Lunds VK Herrar B vs Tuve 3:1


After a break of two weeks, we were facing another opponent in the Division 1 South Sweden league. This time it was the team from Gothenburg (Tuve) and it was a home game again in our well-known Fälladshallen.

The team from Tuve hasn’t been very successful in their games so far but as history taught us many times, one should never underestimate one’s opponents, especially when they are highly motivated. We therefore trained hard during the break and were ready to show our best game and confirm our position as one of the leading teams this season.

The first set began with a cautious approach from both teams. The Tuve players played well and didn’t make many mistakes and we started off slowly, gradually intensifying the pressure as we got into our game. Our coach sent various combinations of players into the game but two things were common to all – challenging yet reliable serves and offense. Thanks to these we managed to keep the lead throughout most of the set and finished it with a victory.

This initial success boosted our morale and we even pushed harder on the serve and hits in the second set. The opponent became perhaps a little nervous and together with a good blocking performance, we didn’t let their hitters give us much trouble in the back line. With fresh players on the lineup, we won the second set as well.

Third sets seem to be a breaking point for many teams this season and such is the case for our team in Lund, too. Perhaps distracted by the relatively easy wins in the previous sets, we lost focus and started making many unnecessary mistakes on reception and tried too difficult hits instead of playing a simple, stable game. This in combination with steady performance from Tuve’s players cost us the third set in a tight loss 24:26.

Luckily, with help of the right words from the coaches during the break, Lund’s players showed they’re a mature team again in the fourth set. Our players came back into the game energetically, gained a safe lead and kept it until the victorious end with sharp serves the opponent wasn’t able to respond to.

After a short break in the course of the season and with often-changing lineups, we won another game, this time again in the home setting. We proved to our fans and opponents once again that we are working hard this season and our ambitions run high as we’re looking forward to the challenge of the next game with the season’s second team.

The MVP of the game was awarded to Filip, left wing hitter who managed to keep the team’s spirit up even in difficult moments under pressure from the opponent.

Written by Jan, Herrar B