Lundamixen 2019


Volleyball tournament for co-ed teams!

Teams signed up (190405):

1- Spike Girls
2- Dream Team
3- Vintervila
4- Höke Å Roddsällskap
5- The Empire Spikes Back
6- Glada bollar
7- Knastarna
8- LazerSharks
9- Two and a Half Liberos
10- Block Busters
11- Gold Diggers

Time and place: Saturday the 13th of April, @09.00, Idrottshallen (Högevallsgatan 1), Lund
Sign up: Latest 5th of April by emailing We need the name of your team and contact information to the team leader.
Fee: 600SEK (pay to BG 888-5626 or by Swish to 123 085 55 28) when signing up.
Rules: see below
Cafeteria: There will be a cafeteria with sandwiches, sweets, coffee/tea etc.
Prizes: T-shirts to the winning team!
Questions? Email

Everybody is welcome – sign up now! 


  • first serve @09.00
  • co-ed teams
  • minimum 5 players on the court (if you are more than 6 players you rotate in a new player at the serve)
  • max 3 guys on the court at any point
  • elite volleyball players cannot take part
  • libero is ok if the team has 7 or more players
  • best of 3 games (25, 25, 15 – win by one point)
  • net height at 2,35m
  • teams ref each other
  • 5 minute warm-up at the net before each team’s first match
  • no stepping over the serving line
  • volleyballs are supplied by Lunds VK


Lund vs Habo
Lördag 7 december
kl 15.00
Idrottshallen, Lund
Matchvärd Stadium
Lund vs Örebro
Lördag 7 december
kl 17.30
Idrottshallen, Lund
Matchvärd Stadium
Alla är välkomna
Onsdag 11 december
kl 17.30-21.00
Idrottshallen, Lund

Stötta Lunds VK