Herrar B against Göteborg United

6 december, 2017

Lunds VK B – Göteborg United VBK 0-3 (21-25, 23-25, 22-25)
After a week filled with great practices, on Saturday the 2nd of December Lunds Herrar B had to face Göteborg United VBK. Unfortunately we were not able to continue our streak of really good games.

The first set we started off a bit sleepy and we couldn’t recover fast enough, so Göteborg won the first set 25-21. The first set would be a good summary for the rest of the game. We played decently, but definitely not at the top of our level. Göteborg played better and put more energy in the game, so in the end they won the rather tight game 0-3.

We did not play at the top of our level and got punished for it. Luckily, we were able to forget the game quick enough to have a great team party at Tobias’ place (again, thanks for arranging everything Tobbe!).
MVP of the game: Marijn Kalter

A few words from coach Roy Andersson about the game:

”Idag agerade vi för första gången som nykomlingar i division 1. Lagets hittills höga lägstanivå var på gång flera gånger, men ville aldrig riktigt infinna sig. T ex med åtta nätberöringar i sista set är det svårt att vinna. Kanske hade killarna cashat in segern i förskott eftersom Göteborg inte kunde bekräfta att de fått ihop sex spelare och kunde komma förrän kl 23.10 kvällen före? Göteborg ska dock ha en eloge för de genomför en riktigt bra match med bara sex spelare.” 

On Saturday the 16th of December we play our final home game before the Christmas break against Vindrarps VK, another important game to stay in the sub top of Division 1. I hope to see you all there at 16:45 in Fäladshallen C!
23 LUND!
/Marijn Kalter